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  1. How do I determine which VALTRON® products are suitable for a particular application?
    Because Valtech has such an extensive product line, it is important to understand the type of contaminant that needs to be removed from the substrate material, and the specific cleaning method. Valtech’s sales engineers can assist you in determining the right product for your specific application.

  2. Where can I get pricing, stock availability, lead time, and shipment date information on VALTRON® products?
    Depending on the country where you are located, you can contact the local Valtech distributor for complete product information. In the US you may contact Valtech directly at 610-705-5900 to reach a domestic sales engineer or our customer service department, or e-mail See Locations under Contacts.

  3. Where can I get answers to technical questions and support if there is an issue with a process or with finished goods?
    You can start by contacting your local Valtech sales engineer for specific product information. They can also refer you to one of our technical people at our Research & Development facilities.

  4. Where do I find information on a products shelf life, batch or lot number, and any certifications?
    All Valtech product shipments have a Certification of Analysis. The individual production Lot number is indicated on the product label. Information about a product’s shelf life can be obtained by contacting Valtech’s customer service department.

  5. How do I measure the cleanliness of a particular application?
    There are a number of techniques available for measuring cleanliness. Most techniques involve the use of analytical equipment. In many cases, multiple forms of analysis are used to measure cleanliness, such as solvent extraction, water break free, and visual observation.

  6. How does ultrasonic cleaning work with VALTRON detergents?
    Usually in the frequency range of 20 to 200 kHz, the ultrasonic cleaning process provides high cavitation energy, which creates minute gas bubbles that implode causing shock waves that undermine soils and blast it off the surface of the substrate. VALTRON detergents are formulated for ultrasonic cleaning applications for all types of metal components, glass, plastic and ceramics in a variety of industrial applications. These detergents remove large and small size particulates as well as oils, waxes, fingerprints and other stubborn contaminants.

  7. Where and how do I order VALTRON products?
    Products can be ordered in the US by contacting Valtech’s domestic customer service department at 610-705-5900. In China, customers can contact Valtech’s Shanghai office at +86 21 64470117 or e-mail Other overseas customers may contact their local VALTRON distributor. See Locations under Contacts.

  8. How do I clean various metals and prevent corrosion?
    Depending on the type of metal, it is important to determine the compatibility of the metal with a VALTRON detergent and the cleaning method. Corrosion inhibitors in some formulations form a very thin layer on the surface being cleaned to prevent a chemical attack from other components in the solution. Additional corrosion inhibiting chemistries will provide in-process, as well as short-term protection from corrosion.

  9. What factors will affect the final cleaning result?
    There are four factors that affect the final cleaning result: CHEMICAL, TIME, MECHANICAL, & TEMPERATURE. These factors vary depending on the surface to be cleaned and the chemistry used to remove a contaminant whether it is a film or particulate. Regardless of the contaminant or detergent used to remove it, it is very important to thoroughly rinse the part being cleaned in deionized water following a detergent cleaning bath.

  10. What is the advantage of using a VALTRON product versus an alternative detergent?
    Using VALTRON detergents you can be assured of product consistency from lot-to-lot. All formulations are filtered down to 0.2 microns and are manufactured following ISO 9001 standards. VALTRON detergents are high-purity forumulations made from the highest quality raw materials that are thoroughly tested by Valtech's R&D department prior to commercialization. Valtech is an ISO 9001 company and implements quality control procedures to ensure the highest product consistency. Contact Valtech Technical Services at one of the locations listed or email

  11. What is the most suitable VALTRON detergent to use on aluminum, brass, and stainless steel substrates?
    This depends largely on the kind of contamination to be removed and the process for cleaning. Aluminum should be cleaned with a neutral or corrosion inhibited alkaline detergent. Stainless steel can be cleaned using alkaline or caustic detergent. A number of VALTRON precision cleaning detergent formulations are made for stainless steel passivation as well. Brass can be cleaned with a neutral pH detergent and the use of detergent for oxidation removal.

  12. Does Valtech provide samples for evaluation purposes?
    Yes. Product samples can be requested by customers for initial evaluations. Contact your local Valtech sales representative or Valtech customer service.

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