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Valtech Corporation, a global specialty chemical manufacturer of high-performance products fulfills diverse market applications for the photovoltaic, semiconductor, computer disk drive, precision optical, ophthalmic lens, medical device and instrumentation, precision metalworking, ceramics, and LED markets. Our extensive line of products includes a broad range of custom-made epoxy adhesives and protective coatings, high-purity aqueous-based precision cleaning detergents and custom molded polymers. The products are used in the silicon and photovoltaic wafer manufacturing process for ingot mounting and slicing, high-performance cleaning of precision optics, metals and ceramics; as well as components for wire saw pulley and roller machining.


At Valtech, we understand cost performance is critical in today’s competitive manufacturing environment. As a specialty chemical manufacturer, our goal is to provide economical solutions that meet our customers’ requirements and ultimately improve their process yields, reduce cycle times, and increase profitability. Using the team approach to our manufacturing process, we take the time to fully understand the overall impact of a recommended solution and work closely with our customers to maximize value.


We understand the unique nature of each manufacturing process and the important fact that one standard solution does not meet the requirements of an entire industry. Consequently, our sales engineers and chemists work closely with our customers to fully understand the specifics of their process, and offer the right procedure and supporting products to solve even the most difficult or complex manufacturing issues. Through this close customer relationship, we offer complete solutions in a diverse range of applications. Our customers trust us because our specialized products enhance their products and processes.


Valtech is well-positioned globally and we offer an established international network equally committed to quality and efficiency in support our customers' needs worldwide.



Valtech is a proud member of these industry organizations:

APOMA – American Precision Optics Manufacturers Association
SEMI – Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
SPIE – International Society of Optics and Photonics
TRFA – Thermoset Resin Formulators Association



Valtech Corporation develops, manufactures, and supplies quality chemical specialties and products to select markets. We identify the needs and expectations of our customers to enhance their satisfaction through continuously improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

ISO 9001 : 2008 Registration Certificate



Valtech Corporation is a manufacturer of epoxy adhesives, formulated detergents and molded polymers for supply into the global marketplace. We are aware of the requirements of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, EC 1907/2007) and support the basic objective of improving the European Union's chemicals regulatory system. Valtech Corporation will meet all REACH requirements and is committed to providing our customers with the necessary information about substances in our products according to future REACH requirements.

In order to best serve our customers within the European Union, Valtech Corporation has appointed C.S.B. GmbH as our "Only Representative" to manage the pre-registration of our products and substances used within our products.

Please direct any questions you may have relative to REACH to Valtech Corp., Pottstown, PA.


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